Clinical Trials of Longevity Drugs - Alerts to New Trials?

I find it extremely frustrating that does not allow you to get alerts to new studies that are registered that meet certain search criteria that you may want - e.g. rapamycin studies in the US for example.

I also think participation in clinical trials is a great way to get medical information (potentially treatments) that you want. For example - I’ve thought it would be valuable to be the control in a heart study where they measure heart ejection fraction (so I could track this over time while on rapamycin, as in dogs it was shown that rapamycin improved ejection fraction). I searched for and found a study close to me for this, and spoke with the researchers… but ultimately I think that study was cancelled due to covid.

Does anyone have any experiences with other clinical trial notification sites or services? Perhaps other countries have some good clinical trial notifications / alert websites?

I’ve found this:

In the UK: