Clinical biomarkers to track effect of rapamycin

I would like to start a list of important clinical biomarkers impacted by rapamycin. I thought GFR and epigenetic age should be pretty high on the list since GFR is supposed to only go down with age and epigenetic DNA methylation biological aging goes up so improvements should be more correlated with rapamycin specific effect. Does anyone have others to add with values pre and post rapamycin? I measured GFR before starting rapamycin and after 6 months using both creatinine and cystatin-c biomarkers. I can say that my GFR went up from 83 to 111 after 6 months of rapamycin so I am pretty happy about that. I am also remeasuring epigenetic age using Elysium index soon so I expect that will also be informative. Did Elysium index methylation assay twice before starting rapamycin so should have a good pre-treatment baseline.

Currently taking 5mg rapamycin weekly with grapefruit juice and 75-100mg acarbose with meals. I also try to take rapamycin after volume depletion using IR sauna for 60-90minutes before dose.


RDW% seems to be a decent indicator. Here’s a paper discussing RDW% Genetic and epigenetic regulation of human ageing and longevity - ScienceDirect

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Thanks for sharing, what’s your reason for IR sauna before Rapa ?

RDW is a difficult one because whilst you reduce MCV RDW would go up for a while.

You need to be careful with the testing for eGFR as both creatinine and Cystatin C have issues with either the testing or the actual values.

I would also suggest taking Rapamycin at least an hour before anything else so it is in situ to inhibit mTOR before other things (normally HIF 1 alpha) are activated.