Cinnamic acid promotes hair growth

I thought this was an interesting study that came out last month:

Cinnamic acid promotes elongation of hair peg-like sprouting in hair follicle organoids via oxytocin receptor activation | Scientific Reports (

we tested the hair growth-promoting effects of cinnamic acid using hair follicle organoids in vitro and observed that cinnamic acid significantly promoted the growth of hair peg-like sprouting. These promising results may be useful for developing hair growth-promoting products targeting oxytocin.

Considering that oxytocin is an oligopeptide and a relatively large molecule (Mw = 1007), smaller molecular weight alternatives to oxytocin are necessary to activate the oxytocin signal pathway by topical administration to the skin.

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Cinnamic acid is used in flavorings, synthetic indigo, and certain pharmaceuticals. A major use is as a precursor to produce methyl cinnamate, ethyl cinnamate, and benzyl cinnamate for the perfume industry.[4]Cinnamic acid is a precursor to the sweetener aspartame via enzyme-catalysed amination to give phenylalanine.[5] Cinnamic acid can dimerize in non-polar solvents resulting in different linear free energy relationships.[12]

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Does cinnamic acid smell like cinnamon?

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Good point. Do you really want to go around smelling like a cinnamon stick? I love cinnamon, but not sure I want to radiate the aroma everywhere I go…

An alternative may be to smell of rosemary (rosmarinic acid).

Both are HDACi s


They do make cinnamon shampoo