Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Put Into Remission By Rapamycin

This testimonial describes how an elderly man with chronic fatigue went from brain-fogged and house-bound to a regular exerciser who could do a full day’s work, all thanks to weekly rapamycin.


He is getting better, but not back to previous levels. Personally, I had some pretty negative responses to the Pfizer covid vaccine and then (self-diagnosed) caught a mild case of covid.
My energy levels have never returned to my pre-vaccine levels and rapamycin did not seem to have much of an effect on my energy levels.

Some people respond to nicotinamide riboside

I might revisit that. The stuff is quite pricey for the controversial results.

FWIW: Wholesale price of USP grade is about $1,000/kilo.

The unknown grade is as low as $10/kilo, but it is certified GMP, ISO 9001. GMP and ISO 9001 certifications are meaningless as they are both pretty easy to get. “ISO 9001 Certification. It’s Easier Than You Think”

As I recall the recommended dose was about 1 gram daily.

FWIW review the work by William Kaufman, M.D., Ph.D., he published the work around 1949.

Title was;


Covered much more the joint dysfunction.

He used large doses of niacinamide{NOT nician]. 3 to 4 grams per day in small doses ever few hours.

Andrew Saul, re-published/copied almost his entire book{less the diagram and tables] on line, difficult to follow.

Someone{I do not know who] copied most of the Information into one large file.

Attached is a PDF copy, large{130 pages] of William Kaufman work.

William Kaufman Arthritis and Vitamin B3 Niacin Niacinamide - The Common Form of Joint Dysfunction Arthritis and Its Incidence. (William Kaufman MD, Andrew Saul, Linus Pauling etc.) ( (6.8 MB)

I use the life extension NR which is only 100 mg’s and I take it just several times a week. More gives me anxiety.

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Now that is interesting, I had not heard of that effect before. What do you think of the Thorne NR brand?

FWIW - I like Thorne as a brand because they have several supplements which have been verified by the NSF. However, every time I’ve taken their NR supplement I’ve gotten a pretty strong headache and I’m not susceptible to headaches normally.

For this guy, also physically weak, rapamycin worked for a certain extent but no more…

The following is quoted from FrankT.Hippo posted in LongeCity forum 2020:

"I haven’t been following this threat for a while, but I wanted to give an update in case anyone was interested in this data point:
I have a poorly characterized mitochondrial disorder (“disorder of mitochondrial respiratory chain complexes”). I was in bad shape in January 2017 when I came across this thread and came into contact with Jaris. Soon after, I started low doses of rapamycin. My condition has since stabilized and I am substantially more functional. I was even able to travel a bit, something I have not been able to do for a decade. I was taking Sirolimus prior, however that had terrible side effects. I have since switched over to Everolimus*, which I find much more tolerable. Of note, I have had to increase doses to achieve the same effect, but I am still at relatively low doses (5 mg / once every three weeks).
I am going to try to boost the dose up to 10mg. I will let you know how that works.
*Note, Everolimus is Glenmark brand from India.

Moreover, for whatever reason, I can tolerate the Everolimus much better. With sirolimus I am usually bedridden for a week while dosing: no energy, flu-like, weak, headaches, etc…-- but then I recover and in the following couple of weeks I feel improved relative to my baseline. I would compare the feeling to what I imagine chemotherapy to feel like. However, I will look into it.

Dec 2021-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I have been following this thread for several years and have been taking rapamycin too.
I have a clinically diagnosed mitochondrial defect – seemingly due to a PINK1 and OPA1 mutation – which is disabling. Sirolimus was a miracle drug for about 3 years – i was super productive with my behavioral genetics research – but the efficacy dissipated. It is really hard to modify these conditions; nothing has panned out and my Harvard trained biomedical geneticist was somewhat black-pilled last I talked to her. So, I have realistic expectations. And in light of those, rapamycin was a stellar success. I tried Everolimus but as predicted by those on this forum that did nothing. I still take Sirolimus on and off but is has less potency – maybe the condition has just advanced — so I have moved on to trying other drugs including Semax, dihexa, and similar peptides to upregulate BDNF. I am now procuring an order of SKQ1 a newly developed mitochondrial targeted anti-oxidant – since I had good experiences with MitoQ and CoQ10. And I am also experimenting with intravenous glutathione.

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Thorne is a good brand. I just trust life extension if I have a choice.

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Have you considered a Valter Longo type 5 day modified fast? An issue with Longo’s version is the cost of his food. Dr. Gundry has a version where he recommends substitute food you can make yourself. If you’re interested, here’s a link to Gundry talking about the fast.


Life extension is chromadex nr so should be good but IMHO nr is nothing more than a very expensive save non flush variant of niacin …