Chemical found in 'widely used sweetener' damages human DNA, new study says


It’s sucralose (why do they clickbait?) and that is crushing news to me because I use quite a bit of it.

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Splenda’s response:

In response to the response:

Previous work from the new study’s research team "established that several fat-soluble compounds are produced in the gut after sucralose ingestion," according to NC State’s news release, adding that "one of these compounds is sucralose-6-acetate.

It seems the sucralose-6-acetate is made in the gut from the sucralose. It’s not a sucralose ingredient.

More commentary on the study:

that’s still not the main one in soft drinks and other things. it’s still the age old aspartame that’s one thing it is called and it has several other names but it’s NOT sucralose which is newer but still been around for quite a few years. What did u read about the about oldest one of all saccharin what did u read about that one ?


Read the levels they used… its insane high levels, you would die from over eating x100 or over hydrating x1000 before u reach the levels they used… another useless paper :wink:

Is there such a thing as “Big Sugar”? Are there large global groups conspiring to kill the artificial sweetener industry? I am starting to wonder!


Have you reviewed any of Dr. Robert Lustig MD work on “sugar”?

You will find answers to your question.

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do you know for a fact that diet rite has sucralose or the more common aspartame ?