Centenarians, metformin, and longevity interview Nir Barzilai, M.D

New Peter Attia #204 – Centenarians, metformin, and longevity | Nir Barzilai, M.D.

April 25, 2022

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Great episode - worth the full listen.

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@ Joseph

Thanks for sharing. Indeed, epic interview.

Dozens and dozens of rabbit holes, nothing new. Centenarians have more good genes than absence of bad genes.

Biggest takeaway from Attia…“Nothing matters more than prevention”.


Dr. Barzilai stated that NAD+ precursors may not help. He says there was no evidence in humans that the precursors do anything positive. In one of Dr. Peter Attila’s recent videos, Dr. Attila is also unconvinced. He said his current view of the precursors is “meh”.

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I was a little under whelmed with the interview. I was particularly struck with Nir’s evasiveness on the topic of Metformin and exercise inhibition.

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Is he still pushing for the TAME trial to launch? I think it’s 7 yrs and counting.

Yeah, Attia sort of pestered him on metformin/exercise blunting…I think Barzali’s final stand was “at least the muscles are mitochondrally younger”?

One of Nir Barzilai’s comments that I found interesting was the higher rate of subclinical hypothyroidism observed in centenarians. Apparently, having TSH levels slightly higher than the normal range (with normal range T3 & T4 levels), may have benefits from a longevity perspective.

Some papers on this:

Including Barzali own TSH/longevity association paper back in 2009:

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