CD38 as target for agerelated diseases

It looks like CD38 is closer to become a serious target for interventions aiming at reducing the ageing processes. And more so than the NAD boosters. Especially fascinating was the report that NMN and CD38 inhibitors could be a detrimental combination.

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To uncover the molecular mechanisms regulating ovarian NAD+ loss, first the researchers began by adding another piece of the puzzle: CD38, an enzyme known to be one of the main culprits in degrading NAD+.

What happens during aging, Perrone explained, is that more CD38 is expressed, leading to more degradation of NAD+, which accelerates the aging processes. However, CD38’s role in female reproductive function was not established. “We realized nobody had even looked at where this protein was located in the ovaries, so we really started from scratch,” she said.

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In my opinion, that doesn’t say much.

Below is an earlier publication by Eduardo Chini and colleagues:

The article speaks of


as a CD38 inhibitor.

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