Cardiovascular Benefit of Lowering Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Below 40 mg/dL

Seems to confirm the simple mantra of “lower is better” when it comes to LDL-C, based on analysis for the FOURIER trial data

we observed a consistent benefit of LDL-C lowering regardless of how low the baseline LDL-C was. Specifically, despite more than one-third of LDL-C lowering occurring below 40 mg/dL in subjects with baseline LDL-C of 58 mg/dL, the clinical benefit of LDL-C lowering was not attenuated (P interaction=0.78), with robust reductions in the risk of major adverse cardiovascular events ([Figure A]). A similar pattern was seen for apolipoprotein B and non–high-density lipoprotein lowering

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