Cardiac function with rapalog use?

In a U of Matt Kaeberlein presented results of cardiac function assessment by ultrasound in 20-month-old mice, in which left ventricular mass and Left Ventricle function (Ea/Aa) improved after 10 weeks of rapamycin. Similar to young mice.

Has anyone had cardiac function evaluated, by ultrasound or other methods, to assess impact of using a rapalog? If so, results?

Kaerberlein Presentation See 31 m mark


I have had echo-cardiograms several times. A couple before I started Sirolimus and the others after. This is because I have had atrial fibrillation since 2016.
The only feedback I have had is that my heart has had no abnormalities. In May, my ventricular wall thickness was 9mm. Normal range is 8-11mm.
I was a little puzzled that it wasn’t thicker, given the stress AF puts on the heart.
My cardiologist doesn’t know I take Sirolimus.


Thanks. If you ever get copies of the echo reports, would be interesting to see if the E/A increased after taking Sirolimus, especially of you are older.

On hypertrophy, my brother-in-law had significant hypertrophy and reduced LV ejection fraction with his AF. Once AF was controlled both parameters mostly normalized.