Cannabinoids/cannabis/CBD/THC - can they slow aging in strange ways?

I don’t really like the cognitive effects [most of the time], but I microdose from time to time and use Kiva sleeping formulations to sleep. I also only use edibles.

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I’ve been taking 30 mg’s of cbd every day for a couple years but I stopped a few months ago when I started rapamycin due to reports that cbd strongly increases the effective dose. I’d probably start taking it again if I ever find out what dose does this & how reliable it is (i.e. is it like grapefruit). Many reports seem to indicate to my non-expert eye that there may be some positive medical value to at least cbd & maybe even a good synergy w/ rapa.

I’m 20 y/o my pre-rapa n=1 data. I used to sadly smoke weed, anyway.

These blood values were fasted;

Glucose 4.28mmol/l - 77 ng/dl
Insulin 1.7mU/L - 12.2pmol/l (below reference range)
HOMA index 0.3
HbA1c 5.3%

It seems to be true.

Does anyone know the cheapest way to get an important enough dose of CBD?

When I was experimenting with CBD I found buying bulk isolate powder was the cheapest. Bluebird botanicals and Lazarus naturals were the best prices I found for it at the time. A little googling usually gave me a coupon code for them to help drop the cost. I’d either make sure to take it with a fat or mix it with mct oil to make my own CBD oil.

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