Can you share your biomarker/ metric numbers?

Hello everyone! Hopefully the new year finds you well. I am hoping to see if anyone would care to share their biomarkers. Also, if there is a modality or story of how they were improved or changed. Since we do not have clear agreement on a chronologic age marker, just the basics would be great to start for functional age markers. I listed below some metrics, but please add or subtract for your health practice. I did not list negative cancer screening - Pap smears, mammogram, PSA and colonoscopy. Thanks for sharing your numbers and knowledge :slight_smile:

My numbers from this last year.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) - average 50’s to a high of 110 on WHOOP
Blood pressure - 120’s/ 80’s
Apo-B/ LDL/ Apo-E(2,3 or 4) -118/127/ApoE3/E4
V02 max -45 calculated not measured
Body Fat % -12-13%
Grip Strength - R = 61 kg/ L 63 kg
Fasting Insulin/ A1C - 5.2/ 5.4