Can you freeze rapamune pfizer tablets

I got lots of rapamune pfizer tablets, I won’t be able to use them before they expire. I think I got an extra 300 2mg tablets I won’t finish. The expire date for most of them is 07/2024. Does anyone know if its safe to freeze rapamune tablets, will it extend their life?. if anyone is from aus qld maybe can give you some. Don’t want to waste them. thank you!

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FDA is cautious about expiry dates, others not so much.

I wouldn’t worry about it, Harvard wrote that medicines in refrigeration lasts a long time, but that is another factor the manufacturers haven’t considered.

Rapamune has enteric coating, so it should be really stable (there is a barrier from contact with oxygen).
I would probably have it somewhere cool and dark, just a box on the floor somewhere.


thanks for the reply. I didn’t know rapamune had an enteric coating, interesting, does the generics also have the coating or is that rapamune only?

Yup, currently got all my rapamune in my closet which is very very dark lol


Yes the generics AFAIK has enteric coating as well, rapa is broken down by stomach acid so it needs it.


Yes - you are likely fine for quite a few years beyond the stated expiration date. But - if you have a freezer, its probably also completely safe to put them into a ziplock plastic bag and store them there too.

Here are details on the Rapamune Nanocrystal technology: Rapamycin and NanoCrystal Formulations


Wow .

Very interesting. This is great information I’ve been on Rapamune for four months. When my insurance company changed from Cigna to Anthem… my medication changed too
From Sirolimus to Rapamune.