Can we start a discord channel?

It is hard to navigate here because of the older tech. Is it possible to consider moving some of the discussion on Discord? I am here and here
I am open to anyone’s suggestion to have a more user friendly UI place to discuss longevity and rapamycin in particular. And to be able to post charts and files and etc.

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If it’s hard to navigate, I suggest you need to learn how to use the site as I did.
I had a learning curve but most problems of navigation can be solved by just using the search function at the top of the page. What with Quora, Reddit, Twitter, Longecity, and TikTok, I don’t think I need still another social media space to talk about longevity.
Also, I prefer the format and the software that run this site with an active RapAdmin.
Start another active discord channel if you like, but I won’t be joining.


Agreed, @desertshores.

@Jonas, Discord won’t solve navigation, search, or complexity problems. I’ve given up on more Discord communities than I can count. (Now, if you’d made the case for Slack, I might have considered it for a moment.)

Bottom line: no platform is perfect. It’s more about the people than the platform.

And here we have the excellent @RapAdmin making this one good, every day. That’s wetware you can’t get at any price. We’re lucky. :grin:


I have no problem with people using discord, and I know it appeals to gamers and the younger crowd, but its another walled garden (like facebook or twitter) - so people don’t find the conversations or information shared when they search on google.

So - you are not creating a respository for good information - you are just having discussions. What I like about our forums is that most people can come and learn from all the past discussions, pretty easily search for what they want, and see very rich conversations with images, and text quotes, and pdf files of relevant information, etc. - and they can find it via google or searching on our site easily…

My impression is that discord is for chatting with your friends and great when you are gaming, but for deep discussions that you want people to be able to learn from in a year from now - its not so great.

Or am I mistaken? What is your opinion? Have you used Discord much? I don’t use it much, but see my kids using it.


Is it possible to consider moving some of the discussion on Discord?

I imagine we are at RapAdmin’s house having a party. Some new fellow says he does not like the glasses in which the wine (of knowledge) is served (either too big, or too old and heavy). So why don’t we move to his house, where there are newer and better glasses?

So we are supposed to leave and move the party to another house?

Pardon my being old-fashioned. But in my neighborhood, that is considered bad manners. And I am comfortably seated here. I will not move to another better equipped house.


I grew up with Discord and still find it clunky and it lacks a repository.

I’ll pass, @RapAdmin has me sold with basic C++ and HTML with an occasional sprig of OpenAI via ChatGPT4.


There are a number of longevity focused groups on Discord. This, however, as @RapAdmin says is not a “walled garden” and is more externally focussed.

I find it easy to navigate as I start by looking at recent posts by topic. A discord with this level of activity could be hard to handle.


Fair enough gang. I am very grateful for having found this place, just wish there are some features that I used with discord. Peace guys.


Jonas, not to dis your idea, but I only have so many hours in the day, this is just a side hobby of mine (and everyone else here I think), so we want to keep it low effort, and right now my effort is maxed out.

If you want to start a discord channel focused on Longevity / rapamycin go for it. I’m not saying its a bad idea at all. It may be a great idea. I just have my hands full right now, and I like the fact that anyone who searches on Google on rapamycin will likely find this site and learn a lot from it. The same can’t be said of discussions on Discord, Facebook, or twitter really. I like that people can easily discover our past discussions and learn about our experiences easily, and link to them…

I suspect discord might be great for more real-time conversations.


Thank you kindly, Admin. I currently have a rapamycin server mainly for documenting the info that I gathered. I recently started trying Rapa. : Discord servers do not need much management except censuring people which there is really no need for us to do here. I do prefer a place just for discussion, not ad or promotion and etc. I would happily be the admin and you be the other but I will do the actual maintenance.

I enjoy and prefer the asynchronous information exchange here. And the group here is helpful and positive. I wouldn’t change anything. Thanks, @RapAdmin


I think information disclosure is very important. I am in China, and I found this forum through Google. Discord is an isolated island of information, and it is not easy for global netizens to find and communicate


I would also like to thank @RapAdmin for the way he works to make posts more informative when there are errors and runs a relatively light touch moderation to prevent silly arguments whilst not being overly restrictive.


I saw Discord someplace and signed up for it. I now have the app on my PC and it is in the start menu. After 3 weeks of glancing at it, I have yet to get interested enough to try to figure out what it does for me.

DIscord is another platform for conversations which started out really around gaming. It is a bit more of a conversational platform than others, but I don’t think it works that well with high volume.

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I use Discord for Zwift (virtual cycling). It is fantastic for real-time audio communication. It has other functionality that I haven’t used. I like the functionality of this discussion board for the asynchronous flow of discussion, and the retrieval of information.

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Discord is great for live stuff that you follow all day every day. For something with conversations that span weeks, where people are checking in every few days, it’s terrible. Stuff moves by and unless you make it your job to follow along you miss out.

Discord is optimized for almost-sync conversations and I don’t think that works for our purposes.


I’m one of the most online-savvy people ever and I barely use Discord (despite 100+ servers) - the navigation bar is so clunky that spending more time in one discord takes away from time in another discord

Forums are just better platforms, period. You can create a “post whatever” thread on the forum for random daily stuff