Can we have a mini Sermo of our own? To discuss real medical issues?

@rapadmin I had access to Sermo for a few years and enjoyed reading its tremendous number of cases and expert opinions presented. Since we have enough well-informed amateurs and experts here in our ecosystem, why don’t we pull resources to have a mini Sermo?
I would love to be able to present real-life medical situations, dilemmas, or shared learned knowledge if and when various opinions would be helpful. Thoughts, everyone?

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I’ve not been on Sermo at all. Can you share how you think we might be able to replicate it here? How exactly does it work? Do people post medical situations, and people pile on with suggestions?

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In essence yes. I gained entry to Sermo through Bloomberg Terminal, where Sermo conducts extensive medical surveys. To access the website nowadays, you’ll need your medical registration number and a professional email. The platform is somewhat comparable to doximity but offers superior specialization and disease indexing with a worldwide population. The key is real-life cases with expert opinions rendered by many. Users, like Person A, can present patient cases or share thoughts on a topic, allowing the Sermo community to provide opinions or discuss patient cases with similar symptoms. If you look at Reddit/r/medicine, you will have some ideas. I am positive any of the doctors here would have access to or already have access to it. It’s a goldmine.


I will start for the mini Semo Chat here:
Patient X is middle-aged, generally healthy, and energetic.
Symptoms: the right hand is colder than the left hand, a recent development.
What should be the work-up routine?
Google recommended: Doppler, EMG, and Blood tests for diabetes, autoimmune disorders, or clotting. Anyone else?

Raynaud’s (ray-NOSE) disease is like that. I’m not a doctor, but have a neighbor with this issue.

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