Can synergizing rapamycin + metformin together cause mTORC2 inhibition at lower doses of rapamycin than would otherwise happen?

Is there any “additive” effect to both inhibiting mTORC in different ways?

I’ve seen no research on this issue - so I suspect the answer, like in so many areas of rapamycin / and metformin, is “we don’t know”.

I don’t think there is an additive effect such as taking sirolimus with grapefruit juice, which boosts rapamycin in the blood by 300%. However, Blagoskinny says they are synergistic in that they can cancel each other’s side effects.



Is anyone taking rapamycin, statins and drinking grapefruit juice?
I know that certain statins and grapefruit juice taken together is not advised. Crestor is ok but not Lipitor or Zocor.