Can ROCK inhibitors be pro-longevity?

eg (DOC) Can a combination of senolytics with ROCK inhibitors and 5-LOX inhibitors contribute to tissue rejuvenation? | Dmitry Dzhagarov -

Perhaps something to track over time:

ROCK inhibitors have potential therapeutic applicability in a wide variety of pathological conditions including asthma, cancer, erectile dysfunction, glaucoma, insulin resistance, kidney failure, neuronal degeneration, and osteoporosis.

I’ve been interested in this topic for a while. Statins are Rho-kinase inhibitors (one type more than the other, as research points out). It has been suggested in quite some studies that these suppressive effects on Rho kinase signalling of statins, may be underlying many of their pleiotropic effects.

ROCK inhibition may explain the benefits of Reishi mushrooms.

With regard to “clinical applications for anti-erectile dysfunction”, ROCK inhibition seems to be the mechanism of action of Tongkat Ali, the Malaysian natural Viagra.

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How do ROCK inhibitors affect lifespan?

ROCK (Rho-associated protein kinase) inhibitors may affect lifespan in the following ways:

• Reduced cell senescence: ROCK inhibitors suppress the activity of Rho GTPases, which are involved in regulating cell senescence. By reducing Rho GTPase activity, ROCK inhibitors could decrease senescent cellular changes that occur with aging and shorten lifespan. This may help slow the aging process and increase lifespan.
• Stabilized cytoskeleton: ROCK inhibitors also stabilize the cytoskeleton, which can become unstable with aging. By preserving cytoskeletal stability, ROCK inhibitors may reduce cytoskeletal aging and dysfunction that contribute to cellular decline with aging. This could have lifespan-extending effects.
• Decreased inflammation: In addition, ROCK inhibitors dampen inflammation by blocking the effects of Rho GTPases, which regulate inflammatory processes. Lowering inflammation may slow age-related degeneration and increase longevity.

However, more research is needed to directly determine how ROCK inhibitors influence aging and lifespan. These inhibitors target specific aspects of Rho GTPase signaling, but may have other effects that could either increase or decrease lifespan. Further study is required to fully understand the impacts of ROCK inhibitors on aging and lifespan, and how they can be safely used to promote longevity. Overall, ROCK inhibitors hold promise for slowing aging, but their effects on lifespan would depend on their particular biological activities and consequences.