Can one take metformin *just* during glucose spikes rather than every day? (metformin is anti-glycative)

Metformin acts on nutrient-sensing pathways involved in the rejuvenation effects of dietary regimens a[119] and has several effects on bioelectricity. It restores electrophysiology of small conductance calcium-activated potassium channels in the atrium of GK diabetic rats aa[120] and normalizes the aberrant intracellular Ca2+ clearing induced by high glucose in adult rat myocytes a[121].

Metformin is an anti-glycative agent.

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Why not? If Rapamycin causes glucose spikes that fade as the week goes by, why not fade your metformin dosing as well?

If you are going to do this, then make sure its not an extended release version. This way you can get the peak affect around your spike. Another option is to just take it during parts of the week that you dont really exercise, (for me thats on weekends, where I dont exercise and eat worse). You could also do this with berberine

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Don’t understand your question? What glucose spikes? When? How long?

My own experience is that it does not. At least not to the extent that acarbose blunts the spike. My understanding is metformin just reduces fasting glucose.

Metformin reduces fasting glucose yes, but its molecular moiety contains lots of radical scavengers (like taurine)


The fact that metformin itself induces a modest increase in ROS and fails to reduce ROS related to H2O2 exposure argues against a scavenger or increased ROS detoxification mechanisms. In aqueous solutions, metformin is a poor scavenger of hydroxyl radicals and does not react with either H2O2 or superoxide ([28](javascript:;)).