Can drinking LOTS of water (esp filtered for microplastics) help detox your body?

I wouldn’t expect any other official stance on the matter from the U.S. government. Remember it was a huge crackpot conspiracy theory that fluoridation was a communist plot to threaten the purity of “our precious bodily fluids” so there’s whack job associations that go with fluoridation skepticism. I’m not one to shy away from holding a position just because insane people have also held it for their insane reasons.

If the U.S. government has been fluoridating the water supply for decades I’d imagine if there were any objective reasons to question the net positive effects of this policy, there’d be huge embarrassment and face loss consequently major friction to undertaking an examination of the evidence. The default policy would be defensiveness — “nothing to look at here, no evidence that it’s not safe and effective”. There’s no way to “prove” the fluoridation of water is problematic as they can’t run controlled experiments of towns / municipalities controlled for climate, geography, population socioeconomic features etc. to see over the course of years and decades whether there’s any statistically significant differences in children’s IQ. The studies that have recently come out show fluoride to be neurotoxic. No lower threshold was established.

In any case this is one of those “your mileage might vary” issues. My husband thinks fluoridation is a miracle of public health policy. I think it’s dubious, could be harmless, could not be. And if Rhonda Patrick filtered out fluoride from her water during pregnancy for the same reasons, it can’t be just for crackpots. Hydroxyapatite toothpaste gives the same benefits as fluoride for teeth. The rest is speculation and I don’t want to take any chances. I grew up without fluoridated water.

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I prefer to get rid of most fluoride in my water just in case. I don’t need it for teeth bc mine are still good with no cavities. Filters are pretty inexpensive, $300 per year approx.

I don’t know about microplastics, but have you investigated zeolite for detoxing? Powdered clinoptilolite (sp?) removes heavy metals and some other toxins. It’s a naturally occurring mineral and is available on amazon. Make sure you get something that is finely powdered, not granulated - the granulated form is too large to do much good inside the body. We use the larger form in the litter box and the chicken coop because it grabs ammonia, among other things, reducing odors. And frankly, it’s good for the chickens to eat a little as part of their grit intake.

I have not been able to find any information on whether it interacts with rapamycin, so we take it the day before dosing just in case.

This is what we use but there are several others available.

This article includes links to some of the studies on zeolite and metal chelation:

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The newest toothpastes are also amazing and prevent a great deal of cavities as well. I haven’t had a cavity since I started using anti-bacterial Colgate Total six years ago.


I also use Colgate Total toothpaste! Together with water pick it keeps my mouth healthy.


Are reverse osmosis filters made of plastics?

I have a reverse osmosis filter and it definitely has some plastic parts. The four separate filter canisters are metal on the outside but the reservoir is plastic and the tubes that move the water around are plastic. Keep in mind that most newer-construction houses have water lines that are made of plastic - it’s the new standard. So there’s really no escape from the water coming into contact with plastic. I love the taste of RO water and feel great about drinking it over tap or our previous Brita filter water. I live in the industrial Northeast of the US where there’s been a high density of people and pollution for hundreds of years. Our tap water is very hard and I’m sure contains a legacy of industrial waste of all kinds. So I’m hoping that any bit of plastic that is introduced in the last section of my RO system is way less than what is coming in from my municipal water company.

To the best of my knowledge the US government does not fluoridate any water (other than perhaps the city of Washington D.C.), rather whether one’s water is fluoridated is the decision of each municipality and/or state. I’ve lived in places where the water was fluoridated and others where it was not. I think fluoridation helps people with deficient diets and/or poor dental hygiene, but to introduce it to 100% of the population to help a subset is a bit heavy handed in my opinion.

Where in the Northeast?

@yasmeenbrain tweet…

I live in northern New Jersey. The list of EPA Superfund sites in my state is depressingly long.

Can drinking LOTS of water (esp filtered for microplastics) help detox your body?


Microplastics: A Real Global Threat for Environment and …

by K Ziani · 2023 · Cited by 41 — Due to their characteristics, namely, synthetic materials with high polymer content, solid particles smaller than 5 mm, insoluble in water

Best way to rid of especially fat soluble agents.

  1. Reduce intake of such agents.
  2. Keep low body fat
  3. Staying hydrated and eating fiber to help excretion via urine, feces
  4. Sweating via exercise and heat exposure

I suspect exercise increases microplastic exposure (simply by increasing metabolism/need to eat, and the more you eat, the more MP accidentally gets stuck somewhere)

If you want to avoid MP getting stuck in atherosclerotic plaque, what about reducing apoB & non-HDL-c to try and avoid plaque to begin with?

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