Cagrilintide for inducing satiety - how easy to get is it? Is it a CR mimetic?

Omg, this could literally make ANYONE do CR at last?

DEFINE_ME you only need ONE dose per week


This should be tested in the ITP program! Very interesting.

Seems like its just being launched or will be soon if phase 3 trials are successful, but it will likely be expensive, as a new, patented drug.

The phase 1b and phase 2 clinical trials have only recently been completed:

Safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics of concomitant administration of multiple doses of cagrilintide with semaglutide 2·4 mg for weight management: a randomised, controlled, phase 1b trial


Promising phase 2 results for long-acting amylin analog cagrilintide

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