Bye Bye Sarcopenia?

Full Paper: Simultaneous augmentation of muscle and bone by locomomimetism through calcium-PGC-1α signaling | Bone Research


Ostarine is probably much cheaper and easily available and safe in low dose and as or more effective…


What do you know about it - any experience with it?

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I have a bottle at home but have not used it but there are a few interesting clinical trials with ostarine in cancer patients. It seems to be quite well tolerated and of course in the body building world it is known as the beginners SARM

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Does it work only for males?

Hi Lara: Ostarine has been used in a clinical trial for female breast cancer patients at up to 18 mg per day. Ostarine is thought to be of benefit for women since it is less androgenic than most testosterone or DHT derived steroids, but it does cause changes to hormone and lipid levels in the body. Here is a good overview of the use of Ostarine in clinical trials: Ostarine (MK-2866; Enobosarm) - Results, Clinical Trials & Reviews


More info:

I have a bottle at home but have not used it

Did you end up trying it? :sweat_smile:

Not yet, I want to see where natty brings me first

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You don’t need a drug to fight sarcopenia. Get thee to the gym and lift heavy things!

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Hahaha… exactly.

Today I turn 65 years old. Was at the gym last night.:muscle: . I find rapamycin builds strength… and a little TRT… (cypionate 1 ml… 200 mg once a week). But, you need a consistent gym routine. I do 1 hour 15 minutes… muscle resistance every other day.

Of course … I started off 5 years ago …45 minutes – lower weights… added a few more machines and upped my weights 10 pounds every 3-4 months. It works.


Happy birthday!!!

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You are the “Rapamycin” spokes person!

Yes, and I do not care what other think about the link below.

Happy birthday!


OMG… hahaha.

Joseph…would enjoy having you as my gym buddy… drinking buddy… buddy!

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