Buying rapamycin / Sirolimus in Malaysia?

Is here anyone in the forum with experience from buying Rapamycin Sirolimus in Malaysia?

I’m in Thailand, and have tried many times to order from India. Got stopped in customs every single time. Lost quite a few bucks. For you that are close to Singapore, probably better to order from there. There is a online pharmacy that you can order Rapamycin from there.

Any leads Curious? Fellow Malaysian here

Hi, I am not Malaysian, but my wife is, so I visit Malaysia on a regular basis. I am sorry to say that I have no leads on how to obtain Rapamycin in Malaysia.

Biocon (that produces Rapacan) is very active in Malaysia; they are a well-recognized international name when it comes to producing insulin. But I don’t know how or if they distribute rapacan in Malaysia. Since I have a prescription for rapamycin in my home country, I am no longer very active in finding a source for rapamycin in Malaysia.