Buying Rapamycin (Avoid Kachela Siroboon) online

Hi, i’m buying rapamycin and acarbose online (kachela medex)
the cheapest brand is siroboon, only $45 for 100 pills
the other brand zydus and rapacan is more expensive.
Anyone tried siroboon, whether it is good quality?

I would hold off on Kachhela. their prices are good unless the package is confiscated by Customs.

Hi, and welcome to the forums here.

We have test analysis on the Biocon and Zydus products and they both appear to be good (at least in this sample): Rapamycin / Sirolimus from India, Lab Test Report on Quality / Purity

But we have no quality information on Siroboon. I think they are a small company (much smaller than the billion dollar pharma companies Biocon and Zydus) - so just based on that fact I would tend to avoid the Siroboon product.

You can see this earlier poll on what users here are taking:

I went ahead and made my first purchase of Siroboon. Without lab analysis of both pill samples and blood levels, you can’t verify anything.

But Kachhela uses the same production facility as Ikon Remedies, which is an Indian pharmaceutical company providing hundreds of drugs. The purpose of the link below is just to show a drug list from Ikon.

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I think the easiest way to tell is order a small amount and then take a sirolimus blood test a couple hours after ingesting to determine blood levels and see if it’s the real deal…

…and then report back your findings here

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Wow. You got a good deal there. I also have a deal from

Name: Kachhela Medex Private Limited Location: Nagpur, Maharashtra, Number: +91-8048963432, Account: Anil Gangwani

And this is my quotation

SiroBoon 1 mg ( Sirolimus 1 mg ) Tablets company - Kachhela

100 pills $ 80 USD including shipping charges
200 pills $ 125 USD including shipping charges
300 pills $ 160 USD including shipping charges
500 pills $ 230 USD including shipping charges
1000 pills $ 410 USD including shipping charges

How did you do that? Hehe.

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I tested blood levels of SiroBoon from Kachhela. Just as good as anything else I’ve tested.

Note the following, however. I also bought generic/knock-off paxlovid from Kachhela. In general, I bite into pills to know what they taste like. It makes a simple taste test of later batches possible. Both nirmatrelvir and ritonavir (the real deal, paxlovid from Pfizer) taste very bitter, as many drugs do. I bit into the “paxlovid” that Kachela was selling (Primovir, by Astrica) and it tasted like starch. And it probably was starch. To be fair to Kachhela, they may not know the product they’re selling is fake.


I just received a package of 300 Rapacan from Kachhela today.

I have some Siroboon, but I’m suspicious of it. I tested level a couple hours after injesting, and it was far lower than after taking Rapacan. I need to get around to taking multiple tests, alternating both, see if the same thing happens.

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There are so many variables… what you’ve eaten that day, how much fat in the meals, any citrus fruits, … that can impact the dose / response curve. One test probably isn’t that conclusive unless you’re really controlling the other variables between the two tests and two drug company products.


Another (one of many) negative results with Siroboon. I would avoid it.

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I just received an order from Anil at Kachhela today - unfortunately it only contained half the items I ordered, and no rapamycin. I reached out to Anil about this but have not received a response. Has anyone had a similar issue?

Yes, I had a similar issue but after repeated requests I finally got the other half of the Siriboon I paid for only after taking it for about three months have I determined that there is no Rapamycin in 2mg Siroboon tablets.
Live and learn…at least they appeared to have done no harm.

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Maybe I spoke too soon about there being no Rapamycin in Siroboon.
I just had 2 and 4 hour blood draws (LabCorp) after taking 8mg Rapamycin I got from a local compounding pharmacy and my blood levels again showed less than 1ng/ml Sirolimus.
I’m working with the pharmacist and my prescribing Dr to get to the bottom of this perplexing issue. After all who wants to spend $275 for 12 capsules of local Rapamycin or $260 for 300, 2mg tablets of Siroboon if there’s no Rapamycin in either.

Anil at Kachhela is the only Indian vendor I have tried among several that has screwed up an order. He sent my order to the wrong address and expected me to address the problem by contacting the recipient who lives 3000 miles away.
I won’t be ordering from him again.

I don’t think its an issue of there being “zero” rapamycin in the siroboon product. I suspect its likely much lower than the competitors, or that they have such poor quality control that the actual dose widely fluctuates batch to batch in the production process. Either way its bad news because you don’t have any confidence in the consistency of what you are dosing with their product.

Something is wrong here … I would not choose compounded sirolimus as it usually has no coating and absorption might be abysmal.

Coated tabs, from CVS with a GoodRx coupon are just over $1 per mg.

Irrespective, you’ll certainly expect a level well over 3 ng/mL at 2 or 4 hours with taking 8 mg (probably>10 at 2 hours) …. You’ll not however sustain that for too long as it redistributes in tissue to then be metabolized slowly - but from a level that probably is not going to be above 3 for more than 10-20 hour hours at 8 mg.

You should get an initial solid spike with absorption.

The main argument not to get it rx’d and get from CVS is the pharmacy record that can influence health/life insurance in the future - the cost shouldn’t be the issue. The need for an annoying Rx is another, but more and more is able to be navigated.


The Rapamycin I got from my local compounding pharmacy was in an acid resistant capsule.
I tried the 2 and 4 hr blood draw with the Siroboon both in naked tablet form and crushing the tablets and putting them into an acid resistant capsule and the results was the same, i.e. no perceptible blood level of Sirolimus at 2 and 4 hours.

Well I am not sure what to do with all the useless Siriboon I bought. Maybe I can give it my friend and he can feed it to their dog. Not happy I got screwed on this one but time to face up to reality. Useless.

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Either an issue with the source of sirolimus or much less likely the lab. Completely inconsistent with what I’ve seen w FDA approved coated tabs or with RapaPro

Or in the product my reputable compound pharmacy is dispensing!

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