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Thank you Rap Admin.

May I ask how long it took him to receive payment? I placed an order on 10 September using Wise, it was withdrawn from my bank account in Sept 12, and I asked Jagdish for an update on payment receipt on Sept 16. I asked again yesterday. He has ignored me since I sent payment and I am wondering if I am getting ripped off or if this is normal for him.

It took longer than I expected…around 2-3 days after the money was sent. The meds (or at least a shipping label) were sent that same day. It’s been a week with no update from the shipper. Fingers crossed.


Well Jagdish replied minutes after I just posted above with a photo of the shipment label on a box, tracking number and history. He said they have the Ganesh festival, indicating that was the reason for the sudden radio silence. I know India is famous for festivals, so I’ll have to look this one up. So far, all appears to be well with the order. This is my first attempt to use an Indiamart seller, and will be my first experiment with Rapamycin.


My order from Jagdish just arrived. I received no tracking updates from EMS after the package left India. Took about 13 days total. $1/mg for biocon sirolimus


TIM, Who did you buy your rapa from?

You can put the EMS tracking number that Jagdish provides into USPS tracking immediately and you will be able to track your shipment from the immediate time it is posted in India.


Just got my order from NIBA which took 2~3 weeks to arrive at my local post office. I ordered 150 1mg Rapacan for $6.50 per 10 tablets plus shipping and transfer fees.