Buffet and Munger on longevity and diet

Not news if you’ve been following them, but always amusing:


Well, we try to pretend that genetics isn’t the biggest factor, but my observation of my relatives refutes that. Charlie Munger obviously has the genes.


I wouldn’t be surprised if he and Munger have been on statins and other medications for a long time.
Benefit of those is that you can eat like junk yet still be relatively healthy as long as your LDL (or apoB) is good, for a long time. They also have a very high intelligence which I think has been preventing cognitive decline, or keeping it in the high range.

In 1982 Henry Kissinger had a triple bypass surgery, so he’s probably been a long-term statin user as well, he’s 99.


The HPA axis is also important and if they have happy lives they are likely to be healthier.


Buffet has a McDonald’s breakfast every day and drinks Coke. Shamelessly plugging their investments or just eating like crap? Or both? Yet they both have lots of money and long lives…

I guess money trumps a lot of bad health decisions.

Although Buffet does have prostate cancer.

Then again I saw a UK show last night where there was a 31 yo male who only ate processed chicken in his diet and never ate fruit and vegetables. So I guess there’s worse health choices we could make.

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Buffet breakfast of champions
3 cans of regular Coke
A bowl of ice cream
A packet of potato crisps (chips)

He dislikes vegetables and detests broccoli.

Oh the depravity…

The more I think about it, the more I think the supposed “breakfast” above is BS.

This may be a good example of how a lot of money can sometimes overcome the worst diet… or perhaps he’s luck in some of the gene departments that matter… his mother lived to 93.

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