Buck institute Ketone clinical study

Perhaps of Interest to san francisco and Marin people. Please post if you participate.

Effort marks the first study of ketone body supplementation in healthy older adults; participants will be recruited in Marin County

The Buck Institute for Research on Aging has launched its first human clinical trial. The BIKE (Buck Institute Ketone Ester) pilot study is the first trial in the world to look at the effects of ketone ester supplementation in the context of aging. Thirty healthy individuals over the age of 65 will take part in a 12-week double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study to see whether benefits of ketone bodies in aging that have been observed in mice translate to human beings.

What if someone is interested in participating?

BIKE is recruiting independent older individuals with stable health, 65 years or older, who have access to the internet and can easily be involved in a 12-week program. Those interested should email Bike-Study@buckinstitute.org.


This is something I really care about, but a few details:

They’ve gotten donations of $250000 and $120000 at least, just to kick it off.

BHB Therapeutics is providing the product being tested, and the lead investigators own stock in this company. Don’t know how much.

They are testing the same things as the TAME trial. It’s only 12 weeks. I should look up what those are.

Man, it is expensive and difficult to do these things.

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I hope some people in the SF Bay Area can join the study and report back on it. I find this area of exogenous ketones really interesting.

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These are the blood work based biomarkers tested for TAME:

IL-6, TNFα-receptor I or II, CRP, GDF15, insulin, IGF1, cystatin C, NT-proBNP, and hemoglobin A1c

I looked it up and thought while I had it I may as well share.

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