Bryan Johnson's Longevity Protocol - Your Thoughts?

What do you mean with estimate based on statistics?

I don’t want to argue about ASCVD prevention, it’s beating a dead horse at this point.

Mendelian randomization is a statistical analysis. The result will be (a good) statistical estimate. Same with RCT.

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I think its easy to comprehend the limitation of association studies, but harder to appreciate or accept the inevitable limitations of RCTs and mendelian randomization studies.

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Nutrition science isn’t settled, but surely there are some strong signals?
Increasing fibre intake reduces apob, blood glucose and inflammation according to intervention studies for example. So why not increase fibre foods in your diet Ditto nuts, fruit&veg, ev olive oil etc.
After you’ve added these, you’ll soon start craving them thanks to gut bacteria signalling. So it’s no hardship and will actually add to the quality of life.


That doesn’t mean anything but I am not going to argue with you.

Accepting the uncertainty and limitations in understanding human biology can be difficult. We often seek clear answers, but the complexity of the subject makes it challenging if not impossible.


This is a bit of an interesting discussion, I don’t understand the point of it though. That there is no absolute certainty is a given. You make do with what you have and reality will have its say one way or the other.

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I find it interesting that despite his diet and supplements he is still dealing with long covid. This tells me all that I need to know about the benefits of supplements and your lungs.



It’s interesting to speculate that this is an example of testing bias. If he wasn’t testing everything to the nth degree maybe he wouldn’t have any worries about long covid. Something i find fascinating is how long covid is remarkably similar to what happens after a bout of flu. It’s just that we were all primed to look for signs and symptoms with covid.


“This tells me all that I need to know about the benefits of supplements and your lungs.”

Really? Bryan’s is a n=1 study. We have no idea how badly his lungs would have been affected if he weren’t taking the supplements or following his routine.


I think I am mostly annoyed about diet because it makes me and I think others focus less on things that have higher impact, like drugs or supplements, or lifestyle in general. Of course someone can do both and that will be better. It will be very personalized though, including how many cheat meals and so on to have. I think Michael Lustgarten has about one cheat meal after every blood test.


Hi @Paul_2.0 - did you learn anything more about good testing that they are suggesting, helping the participants navigate.

Especially, did you see anything about: AMRA MRI body composition scan, no radiation

That is listed in in the link your provided as a good thing for participants to do during the study (at the higher test budget level).

I have now tried it for a few months and it doesn’t seem like it works for its intended condition for me, namely sensitive teeth. So I am going back to stannous flouride as the evidence seems clearer.

I have used BioMin BioMin Restore Plus — BioMin USA and still do. The sensitivity took over a year to resolve, but it did resolve.

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The problem is all of their clinical studies that have shown efficacy for hypersensitivity were all short term trials, so it should be effective during that period.

Stannous flouride have shown to be better than normal flouride for a lot of different conditions, it is way more holistic.

I actually tried to brush with stannous flouride in the morning, as a test, and I had a lot of hypersensitivity after that. Which makes me wonder if it’s just masking the problem and don’t solve it permanently. Meaning if I used BioMin I would have replenished the protection.

The other stuff is way more important to me anyway right now.

In addition to fluoride, the stannous ion has benefits for oral health when incorporated in a toothpaste. At similar fluoride concentrations, toothpastes containing stannous fluoride have been shown to be more effective than toothpastes containing sodium fluoride for reducing the incidence of dental caries and dental erosion,[5][6][7][8][9] as well as reducing gingivitis.[10][11][12][13][14] Some stannous fluoride-containing toothpastes also contain ingredients that allow for better stain removal.[15][16] Stabilised stannous fluoride formulations allow for greater bioavailability of the stannous and fluoride ion, increasing their oral health benefits.[17][18] A systematic review revealed stabilised stannous fluoride-containing toothpastes had a positive effect on the reduction of plaque, gingivitis and staining, with a significant reduction in calculus and halitosis (bad breath) compared to other toothpastes.[16] A specific formulation of stabilised stannous fluoride toothpastes has shown superior protection against dental erosion and dentine hypersensitivity compared to other fluoride-containing and fluoride-free toothpastes.[19] – Wikipedia

I had tried the more typical higher fluoride sensitivity toothpastes. But they weren’t working as they had in the past. So I looked into BioMin. I would use it in the morning, and regular fluoride toothpaste in the evening. Difficult to tell what actually happened over the long term. Nice though now, not to have the sensitivity. I will look into the stannous fluoride.

Why don’t you get your teeth professionally lacquered with fluoride at the dentist’s? I found this to be most effective treatment, it helped s fast, lasting and no need for any special toothpaste.

It’s not so bad. That’s also why I prefer stannous flouride, it has evidence for other stuff.

I get fluoride lacquer as part of yearly check up. I find it easy and convenient. It protects teeth against decay and caries as well. I had done routinely for decades.

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Never heard of it, do you have studies showing efficacy as for stannous flouride?