Bryan Johnson Longevity Protocol Discussion (2024)

This is the new Bryan Johnson Longevity protocol / Blueprint discussion thread because the last one got way too long.

Please post random bits of information related to BJ that you want to discuss or share.

I’ll start, as this just popped up in my google news feed:

From The Atlantic magazine:

I Went to a Rave With the 46-Year-Old Millionaire Who Claims to Have the Body of a Teenager

Bryan Johnson wants to build a nation of immortals. Would you join?

The first few steps on the path toward living forever alongside the longevity enthusiast Bryan Johnson are straightforward: “Go to bed on time, eat healthy food, and exercise,” he told a crowd in Brooklyn on Saturday morning. “But to start, you guys are now going to do a breathing exercise.” He directed the 100-plus people gathered around him to put their hands on the shoulders of their neighbors, forming a series of concentric circles; he then counted as we inhaled and exhaled in unison.

I had arrived at a bouldering gym for the first in a series of events held that day by Johnson, a 46-year-old centimillionaire who made his fortune in Silicon Valley but is best known for waging a war on death that he claims to be winning. His ambitions are somehow greater, and more science-fictional, than those of other biohackers and life-extension fanatics—a group that includes Peter Thiel, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg. Johnson preaches perhaps the most brazen iteration of Silicon Valley’s emerging obsession with AI and commitment to restructuring society around the technology. He believes he has figured out how algorithms, instead of ruining civilization, can lead him to the land of immortals. He wants you, after you exhale on the count of six, to follow.

Full article:


I just saw this

And then started to look at the product offering.

This one seems interesting to me.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Then I went to order I saw that the price was not crazy but it still says “coming soon”…

… has anyone been able to order anything?

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I’d actually be interested in that! But I haven’t started yet.

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It’s basically protein powder. I would go for super veggie instead since I don’t know how the market is for powdered vegetables. If you had to choose one over the other.

What do you think? Is Bryan Johnson Good For The Nascent Longevity Biotechnology Industry?


Yes. He’s bringing awareness to geroscience. He’s the poster boy. We need someone like that and he fills the role.

However, I did not need to learn that he has nude pics available on the web. At least they’re done well.


Seems like he’s also moving the upper segments of the market towards biohacking also… the good news is we get most of the same benefits at a fraction of the cost here on rapamycin news :wink:

Spa day? The wealthy prefer being biohacked in wellbeing shrines

The new buzzword is ‘longevity’, and the rich will go to great expense in pursuit of it, writes Lesley Thomas

Fancy taking Mum to a new members-only spa in Knightsbridge? Before you look at the treatment menu, please note that it’s £10,000 a year (plus £5,000 joining fee). Just by Hyde Park, the Surrenne luxury spa and health club is on four floors and offers everything from tweakments to therapy.

Beneath the new Emory hotel and part of the Maybourne group of extremely fancy establishments (Claridge’s, the Connaught, the Berkeley), the Surrenne (etymological origins: something to do with serenity and energy) is about to blow all the other opulent spas in the UK out of the water. And there are quite a few of them now. Forget the worried well; the new mine to drill for untold profit is in wellness for the wealthy — extremely wealthy. The wellness industry is worth $5.6 trillion and is projected to grow to $7.4 trillion by next year.

On the advisory board for the Surrenne club are Dr Andrew Huberman, the Stanford neurobiologist with six million Instagram followers, and Dr David Sinclair, the Harvard genetics expert and world-renowned authority on ageing. Tracy Anderson, the most sought-after fitness trainer on the planet (sorry, Joe Wicks), will also be popping over to give classes when she’s not helping Gwyneth Paltrow and other film star clients to achieve one-percenter legs, bums and tums.

Full article: (The Times) Spa day? The wealthy prefer being biohacked in wellbeing shrines

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And now… (drumroll)… Here’s Bryan!

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High wattage blender recommended.

I like these tips. I’m a bit lazy to write them down right now. I’ll do that later.


Anyone know more about this:

Perhaps we could crowdsource and support someone on the forum to do it?

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They are also looking for a few doctors for a different program:

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It appears Bryan Johnson was well received last week when he was in San Francisco… (I was traveling otherwise would have gone to it out of curiosity).





It seems they started with a “laying of hands” :wink:

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I made super veggie earlier, I was surprised how edible it was. It tastes like eating green clouds, and nothing much. Never had anything like it before, and it is a strange texture. (First time I tried I didn’t have a high wattage blender and it was terrible).

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If anyone is in San Jose this evening… and wants to enjoy some humor:

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Looks like Blueprint things are now live and actually available - anyone try anything

From email today:

They also say this, that might be interesting for people on this forum:

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Bryan Johnson is doing a lot of great things for the industry and the world, but it seems like his interventions need to be further filtered based on high-quality evidence (ideally, in humans) for efficacy and safety, as well as cost, before they could applied more broadly.

Have you personally learned about any new interventions/supplements/procedures that you deemed reasonable enough to integrate into your own routine?


I like the idea of a follistatin group buy. I wonder how much it end up being.