Brown Noise Beats Pink or White Noise

Well, there is a buzz going around on TikTok, Youtube, etc., about the benefits of "brown noise’ over white noise or pink noise for sleep and tinnitus problems. I cannot find any scientific evidence to support this. Has any used it for sleep, meditation, tinnitus, etc.?
I listened to it for a little while on Youtube and find it more appealing than white or pink noise.

When I originally looked into sleep optimization research it seemed to suggest that “pink noise” was best for optimizing sleep. I got interested in the Dreem device as a guy I know was doing some consulting with the company in San Francisco and it sounded pretty revolutionary at the time (ultimately the consumer market didn’t pan out for them, but still a very cool device). They claimed to optimize sleep by controlling the pink noise during the sleep rhythms which, they claimed, made sleep much more efficient, with deeper sleep for longer. Details here:

@Guywholikessleep is likely our resident sleep expert, given he’s working on a PHD on the topic - perhaps he has an opinion?

Tried it today with a yoga asana, Savasana, otherwise known as the corpse or deadman’s pose.
I was very into Hatha Yoga as a teenager, can’t do so many asanas now, but I can still do this.

Laid down on my mat, pushed in the earbuds, turned on the “brown noise” and went promptly to sleep. Of course, white noise or pink noise does the same thing to me, but I think the brown noise is more appealing.

Of course, I don’t use candles, don’t want to burn the place down

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