Bro do you even lift?

How many of you lifters take off on Rapa days? Opinions on whether this is a good idea since lifting spikes mTor?

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I always lift - resistance training at 6pm on Monday before Rapamycin. Drink a couple glasses of whole milk. Grill a steak for dinner… then take rapamycin at 10 pm. Monday night… dont lift - resistance train again until 6pm on Wednesday. So I take about a 43 hour break.

Dr B says exercising daily is “optimal”. I don’t take days off.

Here’s another docs view on exercise, MTOR, aging.

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Very interesting but I’m not convinced that it may not be smart to go low protein (leucine/ amino acids), no resistance training on days I take Rapa if I want to inhibit mTor SYSTEMICALLY (organs AND muscles) on those days rather than have two protocols that on some level are competing with one an other.