Book Titled:"The Great Cholesterol Myth, Revised and Expanded: Why Lowering Your Cholesterol Won't Prevent Heart Disease"


Before you comment read and or listen to the audio version of this book.

If you are an Amazon Prime member the audible version of this book is/was at no cost (as of 01-03-2024)

I would like to discuss in this thread the information/facts presented in this book.

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I think it is in part a gene expression thing (and also affected by Cholesterol)

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John, have you read or listen to audio version of this book?

No I don’t intend to. I recognise that there is an argument about cholesterol. However, I think people accept that cholesterol is not the whole issue. I wished to put forward what I think is another part of the issue.


You do not even know what the “issue/facts” discussed in this book are.

No I neither know nor care what is in the book. If there was something particularly significant that you wished to put in this thread you could do this. However, I don’t think it is reasonable to expect people to read a book or listen to a podcast before commenting.

Nor am I going to read the book now.


Totally agree, as I’m an expert and understand the data and have heard the conspiracy theorists on the other side, who incidentally aren’t researchers or excellent scientists - I see no reason to read this more than someone explaining how the earth is flat.
As a front line physician, and anti-aging specialist - my first thing is vascular risk optimization. I know the data. Good luck to the “cholesterol is irrelevant” side of things. Have at it, I’ll treat you in the ER when that approach fails.


It appears that some flat earthers managed to prove the earth is round: (twice?)


I admire people that use their own brain. I always tried to teach my own children ( all 5) to use their own brains. Of course as they transition to adults they make choices that are questionable and I tell them at that time that they should stop using their own brains and start using mine. It’s a joke of course. Usually when you use your own brain it means committing to something and eventually learning. Flat earthers are the exeption.

When they laid out the state of Iowa into perfect 1 mile squares, they started in southeast Iowa and spent 30 years working their way north west, using horses and chains and transits. It didn’t take long to figure out they needed correction lines every few miles to keep the lines straight. Since it’s impossible to put squares on a globe. My home town is Correctionville, with a jog in the main street, following the correction line. You don’t need to be a genius to follow this. The earth is round. Lol. But they are using their own brains at least.