Bodyweight and dosing

I haven’t found any clear direction on whether bodyweight should affect your dosing protocol. I weigh close to twice my wife’s weight. It doesn’t make sense that she should take as much as me. I thought doctors take into account when determining dosage for prescriptions.

Any thoughts?

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I believe that body weight matters. I’m 110 lb and only redused doses of medications work well for me without causing side effects. Some doctors take weight into consideration. For example, the smallest labetalol dose is 100 mg. My cardiologist wants me to take only half of it. So, I split the pill. He also keeps me on a baby dose of amlodipine (2.5mg). Howevever, when my 5 year old granddaughter got sick at the same time with me, we both were prescribed the same antibiotic and the same dose of 500 mg twice a day. It’s a good question to ask an MD.

Many folks here recommend starting at 1 mg and slowly adding more until you start feeling side effects that you can’t handle.