Blood Pressure as a Marker of Ageing


This is slightly off-topic, but I would be very curious in hearing what people think of those Withings scales. The Body Cardio one seems like the one that has pulse wave velocity: Wi-Fi Smart Scale with Body Composition & Heart Rate - Body Cardio | Withings . And The Boby Composition looks like a dream scale for people like me that are interested in continuous data collection: Advanced Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale - Body Comp | Withings

isoflavones, so maybe natto helps?

natto is like the most important superfood i’ve EVER found


I love :heart: my Withings Body Cardio, very simple to use. The only drawback is that there is no body fat breakdown into visceral & subcutaneous

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Hi John, I’m very interested in the pulse wave velocity (PWV) using Withings Cardio Scale. Do you use it and do you think it gives you some valuable info? Thanks.
My average blood pressure readings (at home) are 115 over 74 but from following threads here - lower would be better. I’m trying to get closer to 100 over 60. I recently started taking citrulline daily but haven’t seen much change outside the daily variations.

Yes, I do use it and I think it’s useful in that it gives me another biomarker which to measure myself against.

[The best smart scales for 2024]

From the above review of smart scales, this statement caught my eye

I’ve had anecdotal reports that PWV scales have sent people to the doctor, where they’ve found they were close to a cardiac event. It’s worth saying, as with all of these technologies, that there is limited, albeit positive, research into how accurate these systems are.

As regards accuracy there is this study

It’s partly because of these scales, i’ve started using Tadalafil, a PDE5i to ‘relax’ my blood vessels.


Thanks so much. I think it looks like a valuable test so I’m looking at getting one of those scales.

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I use the Withings body smart scale. Beyond “weight”, I’m not sure I trust the accuracy, but I trust the trends.
As for these scales saving someone’s life, those people must have really bad medical care.