Blood biomarker profiles and exceptional longevity: comparison of centenarians and non-centenarians in a 35-year follow-up of the Swedish AMORIS cohort

Two tests in the last six months. 3.3 and 3.6 mg/dl. High carb and plenty of red meat.

We are at N=3 now.
So far we have 2 data points with low uric acid: 1 high carbs/red meat and 1 low carbs/meat(including red)
And a data point with medium uric acid level and no red meat.

Currently the carbs seem irrelevant and red meat has a slight advantage.

That’s never going to be a high power study but it’s fun anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:


Mine is quite high being around 5mg/dl (300 umol/L). I am an unusually heavy drinker for a biohacker although I don’t drink every day. Today, for example, is a non-drinking day. Yesterday, however, I drank 3 pints of bitter and 4 cans of lager.

I do eat red meat although not masses, I would say I am mid range on carbs.

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John, not suggesting you should, but curious If you’ve ever tried kudzu root when drinking. From memory it reduces conversion of alcohol, meaning you can reach and maintain an enjoyable merry state with lesser alcohol intake. People naturally drink less as a result ,(apparently)

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I have some somewhere, but have not tried it. I do take DHM and pantethine when drinking. Both help to reduce the negative effects.

I just checked my data. My uric acid fluctuates between 240 and 210umol/l. I I have regular measurements for few years, I have two checkups a year one in March second in September. Funny enough the lower number is September, where I spend two months by the sea where I eat mostly vegetarian diet with some 3-4 meals with fish/shellfish… I eat more fruit and less wheat. My winter diet is same, just that I live above bakery, so I eat more sourdough and less fish, more cheese and milk, and 3-4 meals that include poultry or red meat a week.
My macros stay mostly same. I eat around 90-100 grams protein, around 70 grams of fat, 250+ grams of carbs and eat around 2000-2100 calories/day with 10-15% CR.