Blood-based Biomarkers for Geroscience-guided Clinical Trials

It seems we can use some of these for our own personal clinical trials of rapamycin, 17 alpha estradiol, sglt2 inhibitors, etc…

Since there is no standard set of biomarkers of aging for clinical trials, an expert panel was convened and comprehensive literature reviews conducted to identify 258 initial candidate biomarkers of aging and age-related disease. Next selection criteria were derived and applied to refine this set emphasizing: (1) measurement reliability and feasibility; (2) relevance to aging; (3) robust and consistent ability to predict all-cause mortality, clinical and functional outcomes; and (4) responsiveness to intervention. Application of these selection criteria to the current literature resulted in a short list of blood-based biomarkers proposed for TAME: IL-6, TNFα-receptor I or II, CRP, GDF15, insulin, IGF1, cystatin C, NT-proBNP, and hemoglobin A1c.


I am skeptical that they will come up with say, the 10 best markers for predicting longevity outcomes.

“TAME Biomarkers Workgroup”

First, I would be in the Elon Musk camp, from my own days as a design engineer: Working groups suck. Most great innovations didn’t come from working groups. Design by committee almost always sucks. They will beat this horse to death and then five years later scientists will say, politely, of course, that their findings sucked.

I didn’t use to be this way until I read too many Maverick posts. :smile: