BioVie Anti-aging and Alzheimer's improvement clinical trials success makes national news

Looks like anti-aging - reverse aging is getting some solid attention.

Link: BioVie: Treating Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s potentially reversing the aging process | On Air Videos | Fox Business

Link: BioVie Announces Positive Results for NE3107 in Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Phase 2 Trials | BioSpace

A lot of it comes down to inflammation and inflamm-aging. We know rapamycin reduces inflammation.


This is really interesting. It looks as though the epigenetic age reversal wasn’t something they were expecting. It sounds like a really interesting molecule. Cognitive decline happens to all of us. I wonder what effort it might have on healthy middle age brains. Might be worth following this and seeing how it plays out.

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Stewart Varney says, “might be available to some of us”.
As I watch the development of anti-aging companies and researchers jumping on the bandwagon and starting new companies, I see a scenario where the gap between the haves and have-nots further widens.
Rapamycin is one of the few anti-aging drugs available at affordable prices, at least for those who choose to import from India.
Most of the new life extension protocols such as gene editing, plasma transfusions, and newly patented “wonder drugs” will only be available to the wealthy.
The social backlash against anti-aging protocols for the wealthy is yet to come.