Biology of Aging (Technical) Webinar - Wednesday, October 19th

Biology of Aging, Workshop Webinar Series - Session 2. “Preclinical to clinical trials.” October 19 from 3-4:30pm Eastern USA Time (Noon to 1:30pm West Coast Time).

Register here:

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Currently happening - seems pretty good. Join if you can.

Matt Kaeberlein starting presentation now…

it’s recorded - where are recordings posted after?

Not sure - I’ll ask when I can.

I will post the slides here - I’m doing screen captures.

“longevity intervention discovery has stagnated because hallmarks of aging”

““it’s hard to get funding for anything that does not target hallmarks of aging” => limited our ability to discover anything outside of it”

he’s bullish on reprogramming (impt b/c he’s known to be a skeptic)

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Randy Strong’s presentation:

Matt Kaeberlein’s presentation:

On the last slide, Matt noted that there are in some compounds, synergistic effects both postive and negative. In this slide Metformin is the the “control” - with consistent positive results when used alone (this is in worms) of between 5% and 15%.

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Rapamycin - has a large effective dose range for lifespan improvement, 10 fold range, to perhaps 100 fold range.

Other drugs have very narrow dose range for longevity effectiveness.

Rapamycin Drug / Dog dosing - largely based on Mannick’s Everolimus studies.