Biocon Sirolimus / Rapamycin tablet coating

I appreciate this forum , in Canada so I have to use Indian product Biocon …I didn’t pay a lot of attention a few weeks ago when I started but after awhile I noticed that the taste of the coating on the tablets is just awful even for the few moments before it is washed down .
Being the only R I have used I don’t know what the other brands are like
wondering if others had thoughts on this ?

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That’s what I take and I never noticed. I did have my blood tested and it came back as expected.

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I’ve used both Biocon and Zydus sirolimus and to be honest have never noticed any difference in “taste”. I don’t taste anything with either vendor’s sirolimus. I put them in my mouth, then I swallow them relatively quickly, typically with sardines (so that might tell you a little about how sensitive I am to taste :wink: .

I wonder if you’re one of those people who is for some reason taste sensitive. A few (but very few) have reported some sort of metallic taste - but I think it has more to do with other factors (or combinations of factors - biological and chemical), and not the sirolimus tablets themselves: One Side Effect Not Many Talk About - Metallic Taste in Mouth


I took my weekly R today , did it quite quickly washing it down within a second or two , the bitter acrid taste was there but not as much as previously when I put the tabs on my tongue then found the water then swallowing . I personally am not complaining about " a bad taste" but more concerned that the coating is "safe "
I was quite recently reading a report about the so called forever chemicals PFAS that are looking like a serious health risk and are widely used across many industries and very difficult to get rid of …one of the uses was purported to be coating tablets .
Because I have to source from pharmacies in another …perhaps less regulated part of the world there is a question in my mind what are these little pills coated with ?
I’m not really paranoid…and as I have previously noted I feel some immediate benefits from the Rapacan I take , just that taste has me wondering ?
thanks for your replies !

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One community member had the Biocon and Zydus siriolimus lab tested and gave us the results - you can see them at the link below. Biocon seemed to have some possible issues that were not seen in Zydus , as you can see in the lab report (but generally they seemed good):

Full test report here:


thanks admin , you are probably using Zydus ?’

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Generally, yes I order Zydus. But I also order Biocon sometimes, and plan to try Everolimus in the future (not sure which vendor/generic manufacturer of everolimus).

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