BioAge Results for Phase 1b Clinical Trial on Anti Muscle-Aging Drug

I would say some of these interventions (the endogenously produced one like NMN) are more helpful when you are older not younger, they’re just ironically also more risky when older because the chances of cancer are higher. It’s possible that the body is deliberately downregulating production of these compounds with age in part to reduce the risk of cancer.


My guess is that it has a lot to do with loss of immune function. The majority of cancers begin to appear during middle age. Same goes for infections. We slowly begin lose the capacity to deal with any negative consequence that our younger bodies could cope with. Homeostasis becomes harder and harder to maintain.


Exactly. I think declining immunity is the main reason cancers become more common with age.

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A recent British show on longevity research in California, including some coverage of the BioAge Apelin drug:

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New presentation on their Phase 1B trial:

Interview with BioAge VP:

and here:

Here is Eric Morgan’s talk from last December’s Longevity Summit (slides of which were conveyd in the first post of this thread:

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This looks so promising. It’s just frustrating that biotech companies have to work around the fact that aging isn’t considered a disease. It just slows down the process of getting these drugs to market. Crossing fingers for this one. If it fulfills its promise it could be a blockbuster. Definitely worth looking out for the IPO if they go public.