Bioactivity, and Pharmacokinetics of Pterostilbene


Is this still a thing?

Inhibits adaptation to exercise. Zero longevity benefits. Throw it in the bin with resveratrol and your other sirtuin activators.

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There are thousands of compounds that have, in studies of worms, flies or mice, shown some sort of health benefit. But very few have been shown to increase lifespan. While there may be healthspan benefits in some domains, and even more so for some people and their specific biology, I tend to try to focus my efforts on the most validated compounds, and put at a much lower priority those that are just generally linked to some sort of health benefits (partly because I’m concerned that there is greater risk of negative interactions , or of one compound cancelling out the benefits of other compounds.

See: The Challenge of Predicting Outcomes when Mixing Longevity Therapeutics - How are you thinking about this?

Also - from a purely financial standpoint, we all have limited financial budgets (but also “time available” to read up on these compounds) so need to focus our efforts on the compounds that have the most data from good labs, and the best “bang for the buck” or the best anticipated longevity benefit for the monthly cost.

For different people, with different goals, health situations, and resources, your specific longevity stack (of approaches being used) will vary… and thats fine. Everyone is different, in different situations, with different health…

But to keep my life as simple as possible - I don’t put much time and effort into these compounds (though I do take some of them, I just don’t have great expectations). Note, Nicotinomide Riboside (NR) also failed in the NIA ITP program, so the whole area of NAD enhancers (like NMN also) don’t seem to provide any significant longevity effect - so again, another area I don’t wast much time on unless the data changes dramatically at some point…

And I tend to put much more time and effort into reading and learning about these compounds (especially the ones that address more than one of the hallmarks of aging). So, given the high cost, and limited human data (and negative ITP results for NR) I currently avoid all NAD enhancers, and continue to wait on some good data that they are effective in humans…

From this paper:

10.1038@s41573-020-0067-7-2.pdf (2.1 MB)


You are absolutely right