Biggest data summary of Rapamycin usage for longevity (January update - 456 people)

January update of the biggest data summary of Rapamycin usage of 456 people. After previous feedback I have now added a new column to the summary and it’s the “average age”.


Good points, Mike! I like that you ask for the the purpose of this summary. I think it gives a quite nice hint on what the longevity rapamycin community is doing in the field. It’s not perfect but it gives some sort of hint. So personally I see a value of getting this hint but probably the value is not that high to post monthly updates on it so I will decrease my posting regarding these summarizes.

  1. Why do you prefer median instead of average age? Why not use it median on average dose also?

  2. Very hard to estimate the real numbers. My guess is that many take it without sharing or talking about it. If we look at the user list of people who say they take rapamycin on then the number here is 439. But my guess its more people here who takes it. One thing we know is that more and more people seems to start taking it. So the numbers are increasing.

  3. To take rapamycin because of treating a disease is a very interesting area. Some researchers also want to define aging as a disease.

I realize to put together a large, multi-factor database would be a full-time job – and that assumes you could gather info from more of the say 10,000, vs just 5%.

I’m working on creating a internet based application for this. So hopefully this year I can release a first version of it. I’m investing a lot of money and time on creating a IT platform that will enable me to build rapidly many valuable internet based applications in the longevity field.

  1. I will try to see if the median values differ a lot from average age. If so then I add median age to the next version :+1:

  2. Yes, it would be really interesting to hear more about why people have stopped taking rapamycin. I have seen some posts here, on facebook and on twitter. And in most cases it has been because of side effects.

  3. Let’s see what happens. Nir Barzilai is pushing a lot on this in his TAME trial that hopefully some day starts.

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