Biggest data summary of Rapamycin usage for longevity (December update)

December update of the biggest data summary of Rapamycin usage for longevity. The data is good aligned with a new rapamycin longevity trial on healthy individuals which will be started soon. The dose regime that will be tested is 6mg/weekly. Follow @AndreaBMaier on twitter for more information about the upcoming study.


You should note the effective dose (with gfj x3 with evoo x1.3) too


:+1: Yes, very good that you point that out. I have added that to the calculation in those cases this is presented and I have also tried to ask in those cases this is not specified in the sharing so that it’s clarified.


This is very problematic because it can differ between people but the formula I have used is to take values on the upper limit. So the percentages that has been used for increasing the effectice dose are:

GFJ 350%
Fatty food (like wild sardines, evoo) 35%
Ketoconazole 56%

Posted on Twitter by Mikhail V. Blagosklonny on November
28, 2022

"Please note that drug dosage means little. Blood concentrations differ 10 fold at the same dose in different people. Drug interactions affects it too. My doses change constantly. Now I take less because of other drugs. Tables with doses should be avoided"

β€” Mikhail V. Blagosklonny (@Blagosklonny) November 28, 2022

I have only ever seen 3 to 7 X increase. What is your source for the higher numbers?

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30 should be impossible. The maximum should be 10X. Without aid, your body absorbs 10% of the rapamycin in general. If you were to reach 100% absorption, that would be 10X Maximum .

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