Big Think - Antidote for Aging (Levine)


Good video, thanks. I’m curious to know the effect of exercise on the same mice that have shown life extension from rapamycin. If they made the mice be sedentary (would be hard), and compared them to normal mice that move all the time (and love a running wheel) … what is the effect of exercise? I’ll bet it is huge. It might not be huge in the longest lived of each group but many more of the exercisers would live long I bet.

The experts always say that no diet and no medication (not even rapamycin) can overcome a poor lifestyle. Of course they have to say that, and I’m betting it’s true, but what is the scale of the difference?

We don’t see armies of super athletes living to 100 so there is more to it.

Maybe each major health bucket (sleep, exercise, diet, life extension chemicals, etc) “optimized” is a plus 20% and each major bucket “lived poorly” is a minus 50% (it only takes one thing to end you).

If true, don’t have any major weaknesses, and do everything at least pretty well.

This is my strategy. I hope it’s right.


One thing I’ve noticed about the long lived centenarians in Japan. They tend to be housewives and teachers. It seems a stressful job is an early grave. Lots of finance guys die young in their 50s and 60s. Buffet and Munger are exceptions of course. I think stress is one of the biggest killers.

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I feel a little stress is good for health(wouldn’t know about longevity) . Too much stress and the health unravels.