Best New Textbook: Biochemistry and Cell Biology of Ageing: Part III

There is a new textbook on the biology of aging that looks like a good read for anyone interested in a deep-dive into the longevity science.

Biochemistry and Cell Biology of Ageing: Part III

This book provides a state-of-the-art overview of key areas of subcellular aging research in human cells.

The reader is introduced to the historical development and progress in biomedical aging research and learns, for example, about the role of microRNAs, circRNAs, mitochondria and extracellular vesicles in cellular senescence. The reader will also learn more about how gap junctions, the nuclear pore complex and the proteasome are affecting the ageing processes. In addition, novel therapeutic opportunities through modulation of cellular senescence are discussed.

The book follows on from Parts I and II of Biochemistry and Cell Biology of Ageing (Volumes 90 and 91 of the Subcellular Biochemistry book series) by covering interesting and significant biomedical ageing topics not included in the earlier volumes. Comprehensive and cutting-edge, this book is a valuable resource for experienced researchers and early career scientist alike, who are interested in learning more about the fascinating and challenging question of why and how our cells age.

For people who can’t afford the $200 price, there might be a free download of this book here.

1 Introduction: Progression of the Science of Ageing

Vera Gorbunova and Andrei Seluanov

2 Chromatin Structure from Development to Ageing

Lorelei Ayala-Guerrero, Sherlyn Claudio-Galeana, Mayra Furlan-Magaril, and Susana Castro-Obregón

3 The Nuclear Envelope in Ageing and Progeria

Adri√°n Fragoso-Luna and PeterAskjaer

4 Mitochondrial DNA Mutations and Ageing

Julia C. Whitehall, Anna L.M. Smith, and Laura C.Greaves

5 The Proteasome and Ageing

Ashok N. Hegde, Lindsey M. Duke, Logan E. Timm, and Hannah Nobles

6 Gap Junctions and Ageing

Michael J. Zeitz and James W. Smyth

7 Cellular Senescence and Ageing

Rebecca Reed and Satomi Miwa

8 Therapeutic Opportunities Presented by Modulation of Cellular Senescence

Richard G.A. Faragher, Neda Heidari, and Elizabeth L. Ostler

9 Ageing at Molecular Level: Role of Micro RNAs

Sanjay Yadav, SanaSarkar, Anuj Pandey, and Tanisha Singh

10 CircRNA and Ageing

Ebrahim Mahmoudi and Murray J. Cairns

11 Extracellular Vesicles and Cellular Ageing

Nekane Romero-García, Cristina Mas-Bargues, Javier Huete-Acevedo, and ConsueloBorrás

12 Fibrinogen, Coagulation, and Ageing

Rebecca Donkin, Yoke Lin Fung, and InduSingh

13 An Insight into Platelets at Older Age: Cellular and Clinical Perspectives

Guadalupe Rojas-Sanchez and Pavel Davizon-Castillo

14 Ageing Skeletal Muscle: The Ubiquitous Muscle StemCell


15 Age-Related Changes in Central Nervous Systems - Hydroxytryptamine Signalling and Its Potential Effects on the Regulation of Lifespan

Sara Fidalgo and MarkS.Yeoman

16 Systems Biology of Ageing

Sharmilla Chandrasegaran, RebekahL. Scanlan, Peter Clark, Louise Pease, James Wordsworth, and Dary lP. Shanley

Note - Other books in this series also look interesting:

Biochemistry and Cell Biology of Ageing: Part I

Table of contents :

  • Front Matter ‚ĶPages i-x
  • Antioxidant Vitamins and Ageing (Irina Milisav, Samo Ribarińć, Borut Poljsak)
  • Autophagy: ‚ÄėSelf-Eating‚Äô Your Way to Longevity (Charlotte J. Pattison, Viktor I. Korolchuk)
  • Nutrient Sensing, Signaling and Ageing: The Role of IGF-1 and mTOR in Ageing and Age-Related Disease (Simon C. Johnson)
  • The Interplay Between Cholesterol Metabolism and Intrinsic Ageing (Mark Tom√°s Mc Auley)
  • Key Age-Imposed Signaling Changes That Are Responsible for the Decline of Stem Cell Function (Melod Mehdipour, Yutong Liu, Chao Liu, Binod Kumar, Daehwan Kim, Ranveer Gathwala et al.)
  • Creatine, Creatine Kinase, and Aging (Nathalie Sumien, Ritu A. Shetty, Eric B. Gonzales)
  • Extracellular Matrix and Ageing (Helen L. Birch)
  • Vitamin D and Ageing (Tom R. Hill, Antoneta Granic, Terence J. Aspray)
  • Telomeres, Telomerase and Ageing (Gabriele Saretzki)
  • Nuclear DNA Damage and Ageing (Kyriacos Agathangelou, Zisis Apostolou, George A. Garinis)
  • Signal Transduction Pathways in Ageing (Cathy Slack, Jennifer Tullet)
  • The Gut Microbiota and Ageing (Claire Maynard, David Weinkove)
  • Nutrition and Ageing (Fiona C. Malcomson, John C. Mathers)
  • Role/s of ‚ÄėAntioxidant‚Äô Enzymes in Ageing (Elizabeth Veal, Thomas Jackson, Heather Latimer)
  • B Vitamins and Ageing (Kathleen Mikkelsen, Vasso Apostolopoulos)
  • Gene Expression, Epigenetics and Ageing (Babukrishna Maniyadath, Namrata Shukla, Ullas Kolthur-Seetharam)
  • Glycobiology of Aging (Fabio Dall‚ÄôOlio)

Biochemistry and Cell Biology of Ageing: Part II

Table of contents :

  • Front Matter ‚ĶPages i-x
  • Poor Early Growth and Age-Associated Disease (Jane L. Tarry-Adkins, Susan E. Ozanne)‚ĶPages 1-19
  • The Immune System and Its Dysregulation with Aging (Ludmila M√ľller, Svetlana Di Benedetto, Graham Pawelec)‚ĶPages 21-43
  • Pulmonary Diseases and Ageing (Peter J. Barnes)‚ĶPages 45-74
  • Neurodegenerative Diseases and Ageing (Lauren Walker, Kirsty E. McAleese, Daniel Erskine, Johannes Attems)‚ĶPages 75-106
  • Ageing and Cognition (Sydney M. A. Juan, Paul A. Adlard)‚ĶPages 107-122
  • Ageing and Osteoarthritis (Pradeep Kumar Sacitharan)‚ĶPages 123-159
  • Down Syndrome, Ageing and Epigenetics (No√©mie Gensous, Claudio Franceschi, Stefano Salvioli, Paolo Garagnani, Maria Giulia Bacalini)‚ĶPages 161-193
  • The Vestibular System and Ageing (Sonja Brosel, Michael Strupp)‚ĶPages 195-225
  • Signal Transduction, Ageing and Disease (Lei Zhang, Matthew J. Yousefzadeh, Yousin Suh, Laura J. Niedernhofer, Paul D. Robbins)‚ĶPages 227-247
  • Skin Changes During Ageing (Fr√©d√©ric Bont√©, Doroth√©e Girard, Jean-Christophe Archambault, Alexis Desmouli√®re)‚ĶPages 249-280
  • Connective Tissue and Age-Related Diseases (Carolyn Ann Sarbacher, Jaroslava T. Halper)‚ĶPages 281-310
  • Potential Cellular and Biochemical Mechanisms of Exercise and Physical Activity on the Ageing Process (Mark Ross, Hannah Lithgow, Lawrence Hayes, Geraint Florida-James)‚ĶPages 311-338
  • Health Benefits of Anti-aging Drugs (Veronika Piskovatska, Olha Strilbytska, Alexander Koliada, Alexander Vaiserman, Oleh Lushchak)‚ĶPages 339-392
  • Visual Defects and Ageing (Sergio Claudio Sacc√†, Carlo Alberto Cutolo, Tommaso Rossi)‚ĶPages 393-434
  • Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome: Challenges at Bench and Bedside (Ray Kreienkamp, Susana Gonzalo)‚ĶPages 435-451
  • Osteoporosis and the Ageing Skeleton (Terry J. Aspray, Tom R. Hill)‚ĶPages 453-476
  • Neurovascular Ageing and Age-Related Diseases (Raj N. Kalaria, Yoshiki Hase)‚ĶPages 477-499

$219 on Amazon is a bit pricey but looks interesting