Best Longevity Clinic / Doctor You've Experienced?

Can you share the best clinic and or doctor that has helped you with your health journey?

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Sorry, cannot answer your question, but wanted to piggyback on it. For anyone that has been to such clinic did you have to sign waivers for your treatment?

David - are you asking specifically about clinics/ doctors that identify themselves as “Longevity Clinics” vs. regular (perhaps wholistic health) clinics?

Or are you defining anyone who prescribes rapamycin as a “longevity clinic/doctor”?

The reason I ask is I’m wondering how many clinics actually self-identify as “longevity clinics”. Perhaps most of the people here are just going to doctors (like Dr. Alan Green) who don’t have much of a clinic (I think Dr. green works out of his home, last time I heard). Other doctors prescribing rapamycin probably just do it as one item on a long list of services they provide - some longevity, some other things I think.

@KarlT I believe most clinics that use " investigational " approaches have you sign consents for treatment, most medical offices also have you sign a consent for treatment as a part of routine paper work.

Good point. Most clinics that would be addressing " Longevity" may not be specifically a longevity clinic. Historically, Anti-aging clinics were the more classic place to recieve options for improving healthy aging. This term has been confusing to many due to the association of aesthetics and beauty treatments. Most of clinics were based in hormone replacement options. Cenegenics is one of the more well known original clinics. Now Functional medicine clinics are more rave.