Best Lab Work for General Health?

FWIW, Take large amounts of
astaxanthin before, during and after. Will quench potential radiation damage.

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Thank you for that tip on Astaxanthin and X-ray radiation! I never knew. That makes me feel much better about getting my X-rays. Any idea what dose we should take beforehand? Large is a bit ubiquitous.

This is not new, has been know for some time.


Afaik arterial average bp is 1/3 up from the diastolic bp. Hence both figures matter

Yes, losing weight is hard for many people. When I retired I was at least 40+ lbs overweight because for the last four years of my job I was putting in long hours, going out to lunch every day, and not having enough energy left to go to the gym.

Diets don’t work in the long run because they become monotonous and hard to stay on.

FWIW: The number one thing that worked for me is time-restricted eating. Just keep moving breakfast up an hour at a time over a period of a few weeks until your first meal is at least 16 hours after supper. Over time you will become used to this and won’t be hungry early in the morning. Number two is rapamycin. After a few months of fairly high doses of rapamycin, I have almost completely lost my appetite for food. I am almost never hungry and now I have to force myself to eat enough food to maintain my “ideal” weight.

IMO: It will be more important to do time-restricted feeding than what it is you eat. I am not on any diet, but what I choose to eat at my age is; high protein, moderately low carb, and low fat.


Thanks a lot! I did not know that. Will definitely do!

What a large amount could be? I have 12 mg liquid softgels. Regular recommendation is 1/day. Taking 2 before, 2 during, and 2 after qualifies for large amount? Trying to get prepared :blush:

Every year, I get a the Life Extension Male Elite Panel. Wait for it to be on sale for about $470. Very comprehensive.

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