Best Brand of Fisetin?

Can anyone recommend the brand of Fisetin that they use? Trying to get reassurance in the quality of the product in that the Fisetin amount is actually what is advertised?


In my view the only way to know would be thrid party assays{you get the testing done].

Look at the NMN issue, when they test a large numbers of brands only two, if I recall had what was on the label.
Even asking the supplier/manufacturer may not be correct, as some have been know to provide fictitious documents.

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I checked on to see if they had reviewed Fisetin products - but no luck.

So the other approach would be to look for vendors that have a history of providing good products (as measured in the lab analyses done by Consumer lab).

So - my approach is to look on amazon and see what some of the top vendors of fisetin (in terms of ranking / ratings on Amazon) - then go back to ConsumerLab to see which of those vendors have a good track record.

I see “Doctor’s Best” is rated as “Amazon’s Choice”

but then I check on to see how their products tend to do in testing and I find this - so not so good…


But then on their Vitamin B9, it was one of their top picks

Doctor’s Best SAM-e looks ok:

Life Extension, as a company, seems to be ok on quality and pricing/value:

at least with Garlic:

and with NAC:

So - perhaps a reasonable bet to go with Doctor’s Best or Life Extension, at least until ConsumerLab does a test on Fisetin providers?

RapAdmin. This is extremely helpful. Thanks for taking the time to compose this reply with all the comprehensive data. Very Very helpful.

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Saw this also, i gave no idea on Their quality

Do not age is recommended by Dr Brad Stanfield, one of the folks who posts regularly on YouTube on anti-aging ( he is physician starting a rapamycin trial).