Best blood test UK


I’m in the UK and about to start rapamycin. But first I want to get blood tests done to input into a biological age calculator online.

Can anyone recommend the best blood test to cover it all please?
Can anyone recommend the best biological age calculator to input the blood test results?

Thank you

It depends where you live. If you use a postal service some of the key figures are likely to be wrong. Nationwide in lutterworth are good, but you often need to go to the lab. London medical use couriers and have links to pharmacies. Randox can be good. Midland pathology are good if you can ensure they get the sample quickly.

If you live in London, DocTap covers everything though they are a bit on the expensive side.

Thank you very much.

Very helpful. Thank you.

Looking at DocTap they don’t seem that expensive, but the timing is not that clear. Timing is crucial