Berberine Treats Atherosclerosis in Humans (Small Study)

“In this amazing study the researchers demonstrate how berberine was able to reduce atherosclerotic plaque when administered for 4 months. Let’s review.”


The issue with berberine has never been about effectiveness, but mostly about product quality and price . On a price per milligram, and product quality control basis for reducing atherosclerosis, few things beat statins

The paper discussed in the above posted video

Berberine treats atherosclerosis via a vitamine-like effect down-regulating Choline-TMA-TMAO production pathway in gut microbiota

Another paper about Berberine

Effects of Berberine on Atherosclerosis

Gotta love it when the paper’s conclusion includes the word “might”.

Always remember

What dose of Berberine was used in this study?

1 gram per day for 4 months.

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My view/opinion, I would take 1g per 8 hours/3g per day.

Use the same testing in the published papers. And or increase testing markers. A base line before starting then repeat the testing, after 12 weeks of taking 3g per day.

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