Be Careful What You Search For

Here is an example of why ChatGPT may not give you the best answers…

At what age should you start taking rapamycin?

Current evidence suggests that initiating rapamycin delivery at 600 days of age is nearly as effective as beginning treatment at 9 months, at least for the 14 ppm rapamycin diet (Harrison et al., 2009; Miller et al., 2011), and there is growing evidence that several measures of healthspan can be positively impacted.

Please don’t start your toddlers on Rapa!


When I asked

Make a joke about this post in a rapamycin forum:

Yo, listen up, here’s a rap for the masses,
About a post on rapamycin and its classes,
The age to start, 600 days it seems,
But don’t get it twisted, that’s not what it means.
You see, ChatGPT be actin’ a little odd,
Makin’ folks consider a toddler rapa squad,
But don’t be alarmed, don’t go berserk,
Just a tiny mix-up, a little quirk.

No need to panic, no need to fear,
We’re here to clarify, so lend me your ear,
Rapamycin for healthspan, that’s the goal,
But for the little ones, it ain’t the right role.

So remember, my friends, as you read and debate,
Rapamycin’s for grown-ups, so please just wait,
Toddlers on rapa? Nah, that ain’t right,
We’re here to keep your health game tight!