Be aware of the problem with turmeric adulteration

Just a few words of caution. Be aware of cheap turmeric nad make sure that your curcumine is bought from reliable source. Honestly, I was not aware of a problem related to Turmeric, of this magnitude. I use curcumin, Which I buy from Life extension or Hansen supplements. They have a good reputation.

“To heighten their colour, the rhizomes from which the spice (Turmeric) is extracted are routinely dusted with lead chromate, a neurotoxin. The practice helps explain why South Asia has the highest rates of lead poisoning in the world. The heart and brain diseases it causes—to which children are especially susceptible—accounted for at least 1.4m deaths in the region in 2019.”


I think there is a simple test you can do at home by putting turmeric in a glass of water and see if it settles clear vs cloudy – there are a few YouTube tutorials on the topic

Go for the water test: To know how to check if turmeric powder is pure, this is one of the easiest ways to find out if there is any adulteration. You will have to take some warm water in a glass and pour in a little quantity of turmeric on the surface. You need not stir or mix it and leave it for around 20 to 30 minutes. If all the turmeric powder settles at the bottom of the glass and the water is crystal clear, then the turmeric is pure. If you find the water to turn cloudy, then you need to look for some other vendor for the Haldi supply.

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Get your Turmeric or Cur cumin from reputable supplement producers like NOW, Lifeextention etc that have their own testing facilities, problem solved.

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I avoid turmeric since I found it to be inflammatory when I used it a while back (could have been that it was a bad supplier, or what is being discussed in here, though It was organic?). My theory of spices is if one does not work for me there is literally 10 that I can use instead which have similar positive effects. i.e. ginger, berberine, black pepper, hot pepper, and many others.

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I tested my turmeric and it’s definitely a little cloudy. I’ve probably eaten 2 grams a day of this turmeric in smoothies for the last 3 years so it’s a lot of turmeric. Got me a little concerned. I’ll toss the rest of it.

The curcumin extract I have and use daily is clear though thankfully.

How bad is this and do I need to get some blood tests done?

I will start buying fresh turmeric, dehydrate them, then powder them in a coffee grinder.

Even turmeric root can be adulterated.

  1. To spot adulterated turmeric root: Turmeric root is adulterated by coating it with a substance that makes it look more appealing. To test this, place the turmeric root on a paper and pour cold water over it. If the root starts leaving colour, it may be impure and polished to look the way it does.

This video shows you exactly what to look for.

Has anyone tried/tested turmeric from marudhar? It’s from… India, so…

Sean_Davis, What brand of turmeric did you toss out?

It was from, they have stopped trading now.